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Sciatic Nerve Pain!

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and runs down the back of the leg and can be compressed by a herniated disc, bulging disc of tight muscles in the gluteal area (piriformis syndrome).

Sciatica can be sometimes misunderstood for any pain that runs down the leg. More accurately it is the compression or irritation of one of the nerve roots in the lower back, (specifically spinal levels L4-S3). Symptoms of sciatica usually include pain in the buttock, hip or that run down the back of the thigh, calf and to the toes.

You may experience electric shock pain, a constant strong ache, difficulty standing for prolonged periods or walking short distances if this nerve is compressed.

These exercises shown in the video are examples of ways to "floss" and desensitise the nerve, improve nerve tolerance to tension, improved blood flow and overall mobility which may help healing.

Exercise in order

  1. Seated single leg raise

  2. Slump with leg raise

  3. Slump with head and leg raise

Feel better. Move better. Live better.


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