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Health Point Practice is an Osteopathy & Sport Injury clinic based at Tadcaster Leisure Centre, founded by experienced Osteopaths Mariska Wilkins and Ed Burdett.  We aim to provide excellent standards of Osteopathic treatment to the local communities of Tadcaster, Collingham, Boston Spa, Wetherby, Church Fenton, Ulleskelf, Leeds, Selby, York and beyond.


Our team of highly trained registered Osteopaths have the clinical expertise to provide professional and effective health care to maximise your recovery and help you to get back to health as quickly as possible.


We believe that the body functions best when it is well looked after, empowering you to live a full and active lifestyle. You can compare the body to a machine, which needs all its parts to be maintained and in working order for it to be at its full potential. That’s where we can help!

There is no need for a referral or long waiting list times we can provide treatment without the need. We offer treatment for a wide number of complaints, including general aches and pains, sports injuries, chronic conditions and obstetric pain.  We have years of experience in hands-on treatment and exercise therapy for rehabilitation. We pride ourselves on treating each patient according to their unique needs, using our diverse knowledge and experience of treatment techniques. If we are unable to help, we will always try to recommend alternative options or someone who can.


What  is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is an established and recognised system of healthcare which is based on the philosophy of viewing a person as a whole. It utilises gentle, non invasive manual therapy, that aims to improve health by working on joints, ligaments and muscles so that they function together in harmony. Osteopathic treatment can help people of all ages, suffering with various musculoskeletal complaints.


In order to work as an Osteopath you must complete a 4 or 5 year Bachelor of Osteopathy (B.Ost) or Master of Osteopathy (M.Ost) degree. Osteopathy training requires you to undertake comprehensive education in musculoskeletal health, as well as modules relating to anatomy, pathology, physiology, nutrition, and pharmacology. Training involves over 1000 clinical hours.  Osteopathy is a recognised health care system, which is evidence supported, and is promoted by the NICE guidelines. All Osteopaths must be registered with the General Osteopathic council.



Whilst Osteopathy is not widely available on the NHS, it may be possible for you to claim back all or some of the cost of your treatment with your healthcare provider.


How could it help you?

What can an Osteopath diagnose/treat?


Osteopaths are able to diagnose and treat a range of conditions including:


-Back pain
-Neck and shoulder pain
-Neck related headaches

-Migraine Prevention
-Pelvic and hip issues

-Arthritic or Rheumatic pain
-Sports injuries.
-Joint pain
-Muscle spasms & cramps
-Pre and post natal postural conditions


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