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- New patient consultation £50
- Follow up appointment 30 minutes £50

- Follow up appointment 45 minutes £65

- New patient consultation  (12-16 years old) £50



On your first visit to Health Point Practice you will be asked detailed questions relating to your problem, your medical history, and your daily routine. The Osteopath will examine you by observing your posture and ranges of movement. Osteopaths use their hands to assess areas of tension and pain in order to formulate a working diagnosis and treatment plan. They may also take your blood pressure, assess reflexes, test muscle strength or refer you for further blood tests and scans if required.

During your first and any future appointments, your Osteopath will always spend time listening to you, and will consider how aspects such as your work, lifestyle, and posture may create stresses and strains on your body that influence the pain you are feeling. They will take these into consideration when working with you towards creating a treatment plan that helps you to return to health as quickly as possible. As well as focussing on the problem area, an Osteopath will also assess and address any mechanical issues which may be contributing to your problem.


In addition to treatment, your Osteopath may provide you with postural and exercise advice to aid recovery, promote health and prevent recurring symptoms.


It is recommended that you wear loose fitting clothing or something that allows you to move comfortably e.g. vest tops and shorts or leggings. Your osteopath may require you to remove outer layers of clothing for some techniques. If you feel nervous about your first visit please bring a friend or relative with you.  


Your Osteopath will encourage you to ask questions and participate in your care.

To chat more about our treatments and prices please simply contact us via email or phone.


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