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Since graduating with her Master in Osteopathy degree (M.Ost) in Leeds, Mariska has worked at Yorkshire based clinics, including clinics nominated for Osteopathic Clinic of the Year and Local Business of the Year awards. Mariska has experience in treating a wide variety of patients and is highly skilled at adapting her treatment style to her patients’ needs. Mariska enjoys treating patients at all stages of life, and has particular interests in pregnancy, post-natal, and geriatric care.


Mariska has a keen interest in how working environment, postural tendencies, and lifestyle patterns can affect and maintain pain and likes to work with her patients to minimise these common physical stresses and strains. Her extensive work with manual and desk workers led to her undertaking further training in workplace ergonomics, providing her with the expertise to be able to advise patients on workplace set-up. Mariska has completed extensive additional training including: Neil Asher Frozen Shoulder Technique, Headache treatment, Postural/Sports Taping, Complex Shoulder Treatment, and Obstetrics. 


Ed graduated from University in Leeds with his Masters degree in Osteopathy in 2015, and has been working in practice ever since. Ed has, and continues to work with, a variety of patients, to include: those of all ages suffering with general muscle aches and joint pains; ladies suffering with pre and postnatal pain; those suffering with chronic pain; and not to mention, elite professional athletes. He is also one of a small number of Osteopaths in the UK to have worked for the NHS providing specialist treatment. 


Ed is passionate about continuing his own clinical development and identifying new and different treatment approaches for the benefit of his patients.  He has furthered his skills with a number of post-graduate and development courses including: Medical Dry Needling (Acupuncture); Spinal Manipulation Therapy; and Prenatal Care.


During a consultation with Ed, he will take the time to listen to your case history in order to asses and collaboratively prescribe a tailored treatment plan to fit your diagnosis. Ed believes the prescription of targeted exercise, not only for the affected area, but for the supporting muscles and joints is the best form of rehabilitation and pain management. 

Osteopath Tadcaster & Wetherby
GOSC registration
Frozen Shoulder
Osteopath Tadcaster & Wetherby
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