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Neck pain is a common reason to visit an osteopath. In 2018 it was estimated by the Office for National Statistics that neck pain, back pain or upper limb pain was one of the four main reasons for sickness from work. Neck pain can be a debilitating condition and it is estimated that it affects 30% of adults in the UK annually, with 50% of those experiencing some degree of chronic long-term neck pain. 


Neck pain can build up over time. A common reason for someone to visit the clinic may be associated with their occupation. You may have a desk job or drive long distances and start to notice over time your muscles build up tension, reduced mobility or even painful movement which may even cause headache symptoms.  Neck pain can also be acute, you may wake up and have slept in an awkward position locking the joints in the neck. 


The onset of neck pain can be classed as traumatic or non-traumatic.  Most people who come to the clinic experience non traumatic neck pain, caused by; stress, strain on their muscles, ligaments, facet joints or discs.  This type of pain can be caused by poor desk posture, a bad sleeping position, day to day household activities or exercise. 


On your visit the clinic your osteopath will assess the movements in your neck, diagnose what is the cause of the neck pain and if appropriate treat your symptoms with massage techniques, dry needling and joint manipulation.  Your osteopath will work in partnership with you to devise a home rehabilitation plan to strengthen your neck and address any postural strains. See how we can help you today. 

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