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During pregnancy your body goes through great adaptations in order to accommodate your growing baby. As such it is perfectly normal to experience some discomfort. Pain can vary from mild aches to more debilitating pain, and can be experienced through the various stages of pregnancy.


Pain during pregnancy will commonly be experienced in the low back, pelvis, and hips. However, some women experience problems around their upper/mid back, ribs, or into their legs. Symptoms are often aggravated by activities such as getting in and out of chairs or cars, turning over in bed, climbing stairs, and standing on one leg to get dressed. Women sometimes experience clicking sensations in their joints when they are moving around.


During pregnancy your body releases increased levels of the hormone relaxin, which has the role of loosening your ligaments and joints in order to allow for the birthing process. Normally your body will naturally adapt to this increased joint mobility and to accommodate your growing baby. Pain is experienced when your body is unable to effectively adapt or cope with these changes to your movements and posture.


Pregnancy related pain can frequently be aided by a combination of appropriate exercise and manual therapy. Osteopathy is a gentle treatment approach which can be used to help with your symptoms.


Your Osteopath will assess your posture and movements in order to determine any sources of pain. They will work on any movement restrictions and muscle tension to allow your body to adapt more easily.


Types of treatment that may be used include:


  • Stretching and massage

  • Gentle movements to the joints

  • Balancing techniques for the ligaments and tissues

  • Assessment and treatment of mechanical issues which may be contributing to your pain

  • Prescription of exercises to help with muscle tension, movement, and posture

  • Advice on posture, general exercise, and lifestyle

  • Postural taping

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